By: William Chan

Loft Living In Toronto

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19th century Toronto was an industrial hotspot with many factories built in some of the best and most desirable locations. Today, those buildings have been successfully turned into residential units known as lofts, or better yet, hard lofts. We can find them in some of the top Toronto neighborhoods, i.e. Liberty Village, Queen Elizabeth, the Distillery District, etc., and that is only one of the r...Read More

By: William Chan

The Toronto Real Estate Market And Housing Supply Shortage

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Even if it is winter season and the market may seem slower, we have to say that demand always seems to be a bit ahead of inventory especially in Toronto. The dynamic real estate market in general has led to massive new construction projects, but it is still hard to cope with the housing supply, especially regarding the story with the lack of developmental land in Toronto. The city’s authorit...Read More

By: William Chan

Why Include Real Estate In Your Financial Plan?

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Millenials may have it harder to buy a home today than their parents had, given that the market prices have increased immensely marginalizing today’s buyers. Still, owning a home or an investment property is a dream many hold on to, despite the recent challenges like interest rate increases or the stricter mortgage stress tests. Millenials should definitely try to overcome all the bumps in t...Read More

By: William Chan

What To Consider Before Any Real Estate Investment

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Investing in real estate can be very lucrative, but investors, especially beginners, often overlook the associated risks which can be very high if buying without taking all aspects into account. Investors should bear in mind that they probably won’t generate high returns if the property does not meet certain standards in terms of location, population, condition of the property, etc. That&rsq...Read More

By: William Chan

Up And Coming Toronto Neighborhoods

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Toronto’s growth sometimes seems unstoppable, and more and more Toronto homebuyers are looking for new housing options and new neighborhoods that are more modest in price but not too far away. Toronto is big, and while many dream to live in neighborhoods like CityPlace, Yorkville or Annex others are seeking out communities that could be the next CityPlace or Yorkville one day. Many Toronto n...Read More

By: William Chan

Why Is Toronto One Of The Most Liveable Cities?

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Toronto is one of the most appealing cities worldwide and ranks fairly high every year on lists that assess the quality of life at a global level. Toronto is Canada’s biggest business hub that offers great opportunities, and being a very welcoming city, it is no surprise that people around the globe call Toronto their home.  A strong economy, steady jobs, desirable geographic position,...Read More

By: William Chan

How To Negotiate The Purchase Price?


One of the biggest questions buyers ask themselves is how to negotiate the asking price after finding their dream home. Is it worth the risk? Should they even try? Well, that depends on numerous factors like the demand in the market, how desirable the target home is and how many competitors there are. Still, many buyers feel the need to give it a try, and if you are one of them, here are several t...Read More

By: William Chan

Young Buyers: How Can Parents Help Them Buy A Home?

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The climbing real estate prices in the GTA are making it harder for young millennials to buy their first home. With Detached in the seven-digit price range and studio apartments starting from $400,000, many millennial homebuyers feel their hands are tied. Many of them try to save money by cutting some costs or tapping into their RRSP to come up for the down payment, but often times, it’s not...Read More

By: William Chan

The GTA Is Turning Into A Major Global Artificial Intelligence Center


The world-class city of Toronto has become a hot topic lately because it’s developing into one of the major high-tech and artificial intelligence centers in the world. With promising start-up companies flourishing, high tech-investments pouring in and offices of the best-known global companies like Facebook, Google or Uber, Toronto is becoming the dream city for many techpreneurs. Approximat...Read More

By: William Chan

Benefits Of Investing In Toronto Real Estate

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Like any other big and economically strong city that offers everything at hand, Toronto is a magnet for investors who know that Toronto real estate has the potential to generate positive cash flow and make the investment worth their while. The competition and the rather higher prices in Toronto seem not to scare the investors away who are ready to take it up with the Toronto real estate market unt...Read More