By: William Chan

Affordability, Resale Value and Features of Old Condos In Toronto

Tags: Old condos, Toronto, features and affordability

Condos in Toronto, no matter if old or new, always find a buyer, given that the market is constantly tight and never in lack of demand. Lately, buyers who have been priced out of the market have started to consider older condo units. They are especially affordable if they are sold in “as is” condition or located on the outskirts of the city, while updated older condos in great location...Read More

By: William Chan

Are You A First-Time Homebuyer? Prepare Your Finances

Tags: Finances, buying your first home, mortgage

Preparing for the very first purchase of a home can be very stressful, especially when it comes to the financial part. Browsing the best mortgage rates online and trying to find out how much house you can afford has probably become part of your daily routine. It’s especially challenging for today’s GTA buyers who feel pressured by the high prices, the busy market and stricter mortgage ...Read More

By: William Chan

From A Seller’s To a Buyer’s Market. Where Is Toronto Standing Now?

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Market, Buyer's Market, Seller's market

The days of a very crowded market, price hikes and buyers trying to push their offers through no matter what, are behind us, and the market is now at a more peaceful stage as a result of last year’s government measures. Buyers that are currently out there enjoy less competition and more housing options, but housing prices are still high and they are expected to increase further this year. Cu...Read More

By: William Chan

Life In Concord Park Place

Tags: Concord Park Place, Toronto Condos, Master-Planned Communities

Master-planned community developments are still an ongoing trend in Toronto and many of them are almost or fully completed. Concord Park Place is still partly under construction, but what's been completed so far, looks promising. A total of 5000 units will be available once the 20 planned buildings are done. It will be a mix of high-rise and mid-rise. The works started in 2007 and the first re...Read More

By: William Chan

CityPlace: Toronto's Master-Planned Community

Tags: CityPlace, Downtown Toronto REAL ESTATE

  CityPlace is the biggest master-planned community in the heart of Downtown Toronto and it's a mix of commercial, retail and residential buildings. The architecture is simply amazing with the high and mid-rise condos that are surrounded by all-around amenities.  Once, it was just a sight of rail lands, and now it's one of Toronto's hippest neighborhoods. The master-planned ...Read More

By: William Chan

New Year Expectations and Interest Rate Hikes

Tags: Renewed Interest Rate increase, Canadian economy, real estate

The real estate market was very dynamic last year changing fast on almost a month-to-month basis. The increased demand and lack of inventory in the first quarter of 2017 resulted in very high home prices which then led the government to take measures to normalize the market. First, there was the 16-measure plan followed by two interest rate increases, and towards the end of the year, OSFI announce...Read More

By: William Chan

Life in Liberty Village, Toronto


Liberty village developed rapidly from an unpopulated industrial zone into a lively and vibrant community in the past 15+ years. Real estate development started in the early 2000s, and the convenient new high-rise condos and town homes, as well as hard lofts attracted a number of new residents. The newly built condos reflect the modern-day lifestyle equipped with all the conveniences the modern ma...Read More

By: William Chan

TREB Will Have To Let Agents Reveal Home Sale Data To The Public


The years-long bickering between the Competition Bureau and TREB seems to be coming to an end. In its quest for fair business practices and innovation, the Bureau brought up a case against TREB a few years ago in order to make the real estate market in Canada more transparent. The case revolves around the right of publishing more detailed information on sold and listed properties. Namely, so far, ...Read More

By: William Chan

What Is Better For You? A Condo or A House?

Tags: House Vs. Condo, Real Estate

Deciding whether to settle down in a condo or buy a house may be a tough decision to make. You should carefully weigh your options if you are not sure which housing type suits better your needs. Both condos and houses come with their advantages and disadvantages, but which one to choose will depend on the perspective of each individual. If you are still not sure, take a look at the pros and cons o...Read More

By: William Chan

The New Mortgage Rules And The Housing Market

Tags: Mortgage, Stress Tests, Homebuyers, Real Estate

The decision of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) to tighten the mortgage rules is heating up the housing market again. Many were taken back by the announcement as it’s going to affect homebuyers’ mortgage affordability.  So far, uninsured buyers (those who can afford a down payment of 20% or more) were excluded from mortgage stress tests as well as...Read More